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Maintenance and Cleaning Standards


Minimum cleaning standards are found in AR 420-1.pdf. The Table to this regulation summarized them for you. Please remember that we do not do "white glove" inspections. However, if you believe that the unit does not meet the minimum cleaning standards, you have the right to request that the problem be corrected.


Maintenance standards are found in AR 420-1.pdf. The normal timeframe between interior painting is three years. This may mean that the unit is not freshly painted when you move in. The unit will not be painted after you move in unless you agree.

The normal timeframe between floor sanding is 10 years. This work can only be done when the apartment is vacant.

Some maintenance problems identified when the previous tenant moved out may not be corrected before your scheduled move-in date. In that case, the Inspector should be able to tell you when the necessary work orders were submitted, and their current status.

If you believe there is a maintenance problem serious enough that the unit is not livable because of it, you have the right to request that your assignment date be delayed until the work is complete.

Summary of Cleaning Standards

Floors, rugs and installed carpet: Floors should be swept and mopped, rugs vacuumed and cleaned if necessary to remove spots. Tile and wood floors should be swept and spots removed.

Walls and ceilings: There should be no dirt, cobwebs, crayon, or pencil marks on the walls or ceilings and all hooks or nails should be removed.

Windows: Windows should be free of spots, streaks, or film both inside and outside (allow for weather conditions). Screens, window sills, curtain rods, and blinds should be clean.

Lighting fixtures: All fixtures should have bulbs and should work properly. Fixtures and lamp shades should be free of dirt, lint, film, and insects.

Doors, cabinets, closets, drawers, and shelves: All shelf paper, tape, and tacks should be removed and surfaces should be clean of all dirt and stains. All dirt and stains should be removed.

Mirrors: Should be cleaned with no streaks.

Radiators, pipes, and heating vents: Free of dirt, dust and cobwebs.

Refrigerator and freezer, range, and dishwasher: Cleaned thoroughly inside and outside. Freezer defrosted. Oven, burners, and range surfaces free of grease and food particles. Range vents and hoods free of grease; filters cleaned or replaced. All mineral deposits removed from dishwasher.

Kitchen, bathroom, and toilet: Fixtures cleaned and polished, mineral and soap deposits removed. Wall and floor tiles cleaned to a streak-free shine.

Trash cans: Emptied and cleaned.

Furniture: Dust and dirt removed, spots and stains removed from upholstered furniture to the maximum extent possible. Wooden furniture waxed; drawers and doors clean and emptied.

Bedsprings and mattresses: Clean to remove dirt, dust, and stains where possible.

Outside areas, basement or attic: Swept clear of all debris. Normal yard maintenance done. Oil and grease removed from parking area.