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German News

The Schweinfurt Early Bird

The Schweinfurt Early Bird is a weekly compilation of locally and nationally relevant German news. The information displayed here is based on German newspaper articles of the "Schweinfurter Tagblatt", the local Schweinfurt edition of the German newspaper "Mainpost".

Current edition May 3 – 9


ADAC reports it does not expect a lot of traffic in Europe this weekend (8 May)
Authorities are using the good weather to start highway construction projects and motorists will notice more construction sites. Particularly affected are the Austrian A2 West highway, the A1 South highway and A-4 East highway and in Switzerland the A 1 St. Gallen - Zurich and A2 Gotthard highways. German daily Wiesbadener Zeitung also reports traffic and public transport in Mainz, Mainz-Kastel and Mainz-Kostheim will be severely disrupted on Sunday due to the Mainz Marathon. The Theodor Heuss bridge across the Rhine will also be closed for part of the day.


Army’s last 2 units inactivate at May 16 ceremony (May 8)
The 18th Engineer Brigade and the 7th Tactical Theater Signal Brigade will conduct a joint inactivation and “casing” ceremony May 16 beginning at 10 a.m. at Willy-Sachs-Stadion marking the two units’ final inactivation prior to the Army Garrison closure here.
The 18th Engineer Brigade ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. and will be followed by the 7th Signal Brigade.

Both units will “Case their Colors.”

Every command in the Army is assigned a distinctive flag which typically depicts a unique aspect of that command. This flag is known as the “Colors.” A casing ceremony is a time-honored military tradition symbolizing the movement or inactivation of a unit. When a unit is deactivated and consigned to history, a “Casing of the Colors” ceremony is performed.

The 18th Engineer Brigade and the 7th Tactical Theater Signal Brigade are the Army’s last two large tactical units remaining in Schweinfurt. Their inactivation symbolizes the final closure of U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt. The garrison will officially close September 2014.
The event will be open to the public.

As previously reported Schweinfurt, a U.S. Army Garrison since end of the WWII, is also affected by the drawdown of the U.S. Army. By the end of September all of once 12,000 Soldiers and Families will have departed Schweinfurt.

Lord Mayor Remele earns €10,125 Euros per month (May 8).
Sebastian Remele who was re-elected as Lord Mayor of Schweinfurt in March 2014 until 30 April 2020 earns €8,960.73 per month which is, by law, the earnings of a Lord Mayor in a city of more than 50,000 citizens. In addition to that he receives €1,164.88 compensation for expenses – which is tax free. The second Mayor (honorary office) receives compensation of €1,639.52 and the third Mayor (honorary office) receives €1,202.91 compensation. Both also receive €650.08 per month for their duties as members of the city council. In addition, they receive 70 percent of their compensation as an extra payment i.e. “Christmas bonus.”

Traffic jams caused by trucks even on Sundays (May 6)
Sunday is the day for driving on the “Autobahn” since only a few trucks are on the road. The feared “truck races” that get on the nerves of many drivers do not occur. However, now, after a reform of the point system for traffic violations, violations of the “Not driving on Sundays” rule for truck drivers are being punished with fines, only. The truck drivers will not get points at the traffic violation registrar in Flensburg. Now many drivers fear that truck drivers will violate that rule more frequently.

Speculations are circling that especially truck drivers from foreign countries will possibly just accept a fine, especially if they are driving for larger shipping companies. Because they also fear getting points in “Flensburg” much more than fines since they could lose their permission to drive on German roads.

The new points system has been in effect since May 1. With the new system a driver will lose his/her license with 8 points instead of previously 18 points. A driver who has 4 or 6 points will be admonished and will be encouraged to attend a seminar where the driving ability will be tested. A warning will be issued to drivers who have 6 or 7 points.

Spring clean up in the city of Schweinfurt (May 5)
On Saturday, May 10 the city of Schweinfurt will participate in a Europe-wide clean-up action “Let’s clean up Europe.” Citizens who would like to participate can register by calling 51 580.

Hotels in Schweinfurt charge rates as high as in big cities (May 5)
The overnight rates in Schweinfurt hotels are rising. For three-star hotels such as Hotel Primula, Kolping-Hotel, Luitpold Hotel, Motel One or Park Hotel the rate for a double room including breakfast is €80 (except for the Central Hotel which charges 74 Euros). Those willing to pay €100 per night will also find hotels in Schweinfurt. However, there are a number of “Gasthöfe” that charge €20-30 less for a double room including breakfast. Schweinfurt hotel rates are on the level of big cities. Schweinfurt is on the same level as Stuttgart. If a person is willing to skip breakfast, he can find hotels in Munich for the same price he would have to pay in Schweinfurt. However, statistics show that the number of overnight guests for 2013 decreased by 2,651. In the county of Schweinfurt there was an increase of 4,033 compared to the previous year.

Time will show if the new hotel opening at “Hadergasse” belonging to the French hotel chain “B & B Hotels” with 86 rooms will make a difference. The hotel will open this summer and the rates for a single room will be €49 and for a double room €59. Breakfast buffet at B & Bs are 6 Euros). The hotel will be a 2 star hotel the same as the other 57 hotels of the hotel chain in Germany.

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