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German News

The Schweinfurt Early Bird

The Schweinfurt Early Bird is a weekly compilation of locally and nationally relevant German news. The information displayed here is based on German newspaper articles of the "Schweinfurter Tagblatt", the local Schweinfurt edition of the German newspaper "Mainpost".

Current edition April 12 - 17


Riot caused by Rowdies from Schweinfurt (April 13)
For the second time in one week soccer fans from Lower Franconia caused riots in Munich: After the incident fans of the “Würzburg Kickers” caused during their game against Munich 1860 II now rowdies of the “FC 05 Schweinfurt” caused trouble after the regional league party of the FC Bayern II. Results of the riot in the “Grünwalder Stadium” in Munich include: Charges for violation of the public peace, three fans were arrested and four injured, and six police officers sustained injuries. According to the police report the police officers were beaten and kicked. The riot team had to use bats and pepper spray to regain peace. After the situation was under control the FC 05 fans were escorted to their vehicles and sent on their way.


On Easter Sunday – Easter egg hunt in the Wild Park (April 15)
The season in the Schweinfurt Wild Park (also known as Animal Park) has started and there are a lot of baby animals, wild boars, red deer, fallow deer, Jacob sheep, high land cows, and many more. Thomas Leier, Manager of the Wild Park is happy with the number of visitors. During the 20 years he has been working there, much has changed. The city spends about 450,000 Euros per year for maintenance and taking care of the animals. All together there are more than 500 animals and about 50 different species. Furthermore, there are many attractions for children, such as play grounds and the miniature golf course, a wading pool and of course a kiosk, where refreshments can be bought. Head of the forestry office, Hans Swoboda explains that the Wild Park has been a popular recreation area for families for many years. It was built in a recreation area the city had developed in the mid 60s. The idea to build a wild park was triggered when the U.S. Army, 2nd 30th Infantry Battalion presented the city a wild boar, which had been the unit’s mascot. Leier invites to an Easter egg hung on Easter Sunday, 20 April more than 1,000 eggs and sweets will be hidden in the park. There will be a grass area where eggs and sweets are hidden for small children to give them a chance of finding eggs also. The Easter Bunny’s wife “Helene” will also be there. A band will provide musical entertainment.

Trash pick-up on Easter (April 16)
The recycling center in Kurt-Römer-Strasse will be closed from Good Friday (18 Apr) until Easter Monday (21 Apr). The pick-up dates will change as follows: Regular pick-up date Monday, 14 Apr trash will be picked-up on Saturday, 12 Apr, Starting with regular trash pick-up on Tuesday, trash will be picked-up one day before regular pick-up day. There will be no trash pick-up from Good Friday, 18 Apr until Easter Sunday, 21 April. Trash will be picked-up one day after regular pick-up date.

German association stricter emission standards for cars (April 16)  
The strict standard Euro 6 shall be implemented faster than initially planned and nationwide according to Executive Manager of the Association of German cities, Stephan Articus. The cities are trying hard to decrease emissions through city and traffic planning; however; they have reached their limits. According to the latest report the emission standard Euro 6 will be required for new cars effective September 2014. According to measurements of the federal office for environment the pollution with respirable dust has increased considerably. Already now the threshold limit, set by the European Union for an entire year, have been exceeded at some measuring points. The Chairman of German Association of Towns and Municipalities demands the EU as well as the federal and state government have to act by offering support programs to improve the traffic infra structure as well as building beltways and improving the existing road networks and streamlining traffic as well as intelligent traffic light circuits could reduce the pollution. Furthermore, a speedy development of electro mobility would be a building stone for reduction of respirable dust pollution.

Franconinan “Three-side farm building” at the Wild Park (April 13)
The city’s construction and environmental committee approved the construction of a barn at the “Wild Park”. The construction site will be the area where currently the aviaries and the rabbit cages are located. Ground breaking for the new attraction in the Wild Park was already done last September. The new barn will cost approximately 250,000 Euro. As many other projects in the Wild Park it will be financed with donations only.

A new Mercedes Sprinter to transport food to the “Table” for needy people (April 13)
Now the volunteers working for the “Table” collection the food for their customers from more than 50 stores and markets in the city and county of Schweinfurt will transport it in a new Mercedes Sprinter . The new car replaces one of the vehicles used until now. The call for help of the organizers of the “Table” was heard by company Mercedes Benz and six more supporters: Lidl donated 10,000 Euros, Lions Club Schweinfurt donated 7,000 Euros, the city utility company and Hegler-Emergency-Aid foundation donated each 5,000 Euros the city bank “Sparkasse” donated 3,000 Euros and the Paul-and-Susi-Hofmann foundation Schweinfurt donated 2,000 Euros. The presentation was held at Mercedes Benz, Schweinfurt, and the main donor.  Klaus Langner, Director, Mercedes Benz who is also president of the Lions Club had presented the first Mercedes Sprinter to the “Table” ten years ago. Friedhelm Dapper, Chairman of the “Tafel” thanked for the generous donation but also reminded everyone about the voluntary engagement of about 200 helpers who are presently working for the “Table”.

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